About Us

Established in 2014, The Factory Gaming Company embarked on a mission to create a mass production of games. Not just ordinary games, but unique innovative games which sole purpose is to cause people to socialize & interact with one another.

The first installment from TFGC (The Factory Gaming Company) is the universally beloved Chip Shot! Chip Shot takes "game night" to a whole new level where even if you lose, you still win 😉! Our goal is to have people come together, form new relationships & share an awesome experience.

The Factory Gaming Company is a company that thrives off the enjoyment of their gamers & pride themselves in being a company for the people. Each game is considered to be the people's game. Chip Shot is a must play game & the Factory has more games in store for the easy going consumer that is seeking endless forms of entertainment & enjoyment.

We believe in challenging people to step out of their box, get uncomfortable to get a little more comfortable 😆. Welcome to the Factory, once you've experience what we have to offer, you won't ever want to leave! Stay awhile, have fun & indulge.