How To Play

Risky Business


Items Needed to Play:

Included: 60 Chip Shot Risky Business chips, 1 Chip Shot ball and 1 shuffle bag. Not included: 12 cups

Set Up:

Set up 6 cups on each side of the table. Align cups in style of bowling pins. Place chips in shuffle bag and shake so that chips are properly mixed. Each team picks 6 chips from shuffle bag without looking at the commands. Teams will place a Risky Business chip with logo facing upward in each cup. Pour beverage of your choice in each cup with the amount that is desired.


There are two teams. Each team should have the same amount of players. A chip is tossed when deciding which team goes first. One team calls heads or tails. Heads is the Chip Shot logo while the other side is tails.

How to Play:

When a shot is made by a team, players on the opposing team will choose one of their own to step up to the challenge. That player will drink the contents in that cup and have to obey the command stated on the Risky Business chip. Commands are to be read out loud.

Penalty Cup:

When a player declines to obey or is unable to perform a command, a penalty cup is enforced. A new chip is inserted into the cup where the shot was made and the cup refilled with the beverage that was previously consumed making it a penalty cup. The opposing team can choose where to place the penalty cup. Once the shot is made, the penalized team or player will have to drink that cup and obey the command. If this is not performed another penalty cup is enforced along with the original penalty cup being reinforced.

Shuffle Bag Pass:

Place all 60 Risky Business Chip Shot chips in the shuffle bag. Passing the bag clockwise, each player will randomly pick out a chip and do the command. If a player declines to do a command twice they are out the game. The last player standing wins the game.

Chip Toss:

Chip toss is an one on one player game. Each player agrees on a Risky Business chip command. First player to make the chip in the cup, the other player does the command.
Parental Advisory Not Intended for Children